UnFairlady received 100’s of comments since publishing a 4-page PRO-GMO article,…

UnFairlady received 100’s of comments since publishing a 4-page PRO-GMO article, (written by Robyn MacLarty), promoting GMOs, & calling well-researched opposition to GMOs “Hysteria”. These comments have been ignored, except for one statement yesterday by the Editor, Suzy Brokensha (SBrokensha@fairlady.com or letters@fairlady.com) as follows:

“Hi all
Interesting responses – thank you!
But just to clarify: this is a thoroughly researched story; we spoke to internationally renowned scientists and received absolutely no payment, advertising –or anything at all, in any form whatsoever – for this article. And we stand confidently by every word we published.
We know GMOs are a contentious issue and we suspected this story might engender this kind of response, but we elected to publish because we believe FAIRLADY readers to be open-minded and intelligent enough at least to have their own views challenged, if not to change their minds based on what they read. We expect our readers to be intellectually curious, and the majority, by far, are.
As I wrote in my ed’s letter in our September issue, Confirmation Bias is ‘our tendency to focus on details that confirm what we already think and believe, and more or less disregard the rest … we filter everything before we’re exposed to it, so there’s even less chance of challenging ourselves, or ever changing our minds about anything. The danger is that it leads to more entrenched opinions and even less tolerance for other ways of thinking or being.’
I know that confirmation bias is seductive, but I still think we should all try to resist it, and reading articles that challenge our opinions is one way to do that.” …read more    

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