Comment on UnFairlady's Wall: As an intelligent woman, I am thoroughly insulted…

Comment on UnFairlady’s Wall: As an intelligent woman, I am thoroughly insulted by your accusations of hysteria, & so are most European Consumers who are well-informed about the GMO issues & unequivocally reject these products. You should issue a formal apology to your readers. I hope you are held liable for misinforming Parents & the Public about the so-called safety of GMOs at a time when rates of Obesity, Cancer, Immuno-Deficiency Diseases, Birth Defects, Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Allergies & Heart Disease are rapidly escalating in South Africa & USA, especially in Young Children. Or do you intend, in your efforts at “unbiased journalism”, to issue a 4 Page article on The Dangers of GMOs?

Press Release:: The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)
Press Advisory May 19, 2009 Contact Information …read more    

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