The Bulk of all Products & Brands on Supermarket Shelves in South Africa are Own…

The Bulk of all Products & Brands on Supermarket Shelves in South Africa are Owned by Just 3 Monopolies: Tiger Brands, Pioneer & Premier. Most Products are Not Labelled Correctly or Mislabelled as “May Contain Genetically Modified Organisms”. We Encourage South Africans to Support Local Farmers & Markets who produce Organic Fresh & Processed Foods which are Free of GMOs:

Purity, Elizabeth Anne’s Purity, Purity Paedia Kids.
Energade, Oros, Hall’s, Rose’s.
Tastic, Ace, Albany, Cresta, Golden Cloud, Jungle, King Korn, Morvite, Simply Cereal, Aunt Caroline.
All Gold, Black Cat, Colman’s, Crosse & Blackwell, Fatti’s & Moni’s, Ice Cap, Koo, Spray & Cook, Hugo’s.
Aroma, Bio Classic, Bio Crystal, Doom, Jayes, Peaceful Sleep.
Enterprise, Like-It-Lean, Renown, Bokkie, Mielie-Kip.
Dolly Varden, Kare, Lemon Lite, No Hair, Perfect Touch, Protein Feed, Status, Ingram’s.
Beacon, Beacon Allsorts, Anytime, Fizzer, Fizz Pop, Jelly Tots, Maynards, Wilson’s Toff-O-Luxe,

White Star Super Maize Meal, Blue Bird Special Maize Meal, Champion (samp & instant maize porridge), Sasko Flour, Sasko Quick Treats, Sasko Select, Sasko Toastie, Sasko Premium, Sasko Occasions, Duens, Spekko Rice, Select Rice, Nice Rice, Puccini Pasta, Pasta Grande, Imbo & Crossbow.

Bokomo Corn Flakes, ProNutro, Weet-Bix, Nature’s Source, Right Start, Ottes, Safari Dried Fruits & Nuts, Marmite, Bovril, Peck’s Anchovette, Redro, Moir’s Baking Range, Moir’s Biscuits Tea Lovers, Marie, Lemon Creams, Munch a Lot etc. Maizena, Smash, Werda.

Quantam Foods:
Nulaid Eggs, Barn Eggs, Quantum Eggs
Tydstroom Poultry, Tydstroom Chicken, Free Range Chicken, Deboned Chicken, Whole Chicken, Braai Packs,
IQF Mixed Portions, Cater Bulk Packs.

Ceres Beverage Company:
Ceres Juices, Ceres Nectars, Ceres Fruit Nectar Concentrate, Ceres Fruit Squash Concentrate, Ceres Junior Juice, Ceres Sparkling, Ceres Spring Water, Liqui-Fruit, Liqui-Fruit Vitality, Liqui-Fruit Sparkling, Liqui-Cooler, Liqui-Fruit Barney, Acres, Fruitree, Jabba, Wild Island, Daly’s Fruity, Daly’s Premium, W. Daly & Son Super Fruit, Caribbean, Jungle Yum, Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, 7-Up, 7-Up Free, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Lipton Ice Tea, Caribbean.

Nova Feeds: Livestock Animal & Poultry Feed, commercial laying hens.

Snowflake – Flours, Semolina, Bran, Easymix Cakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Edible Cake Topping.
Blue Ribbon – Bread, Flours, Semolina, Bran.
Iwisa – Super Maize Meal, Super Sun Maize Meal, Nyala Maize Meal, Braai Pap, Special Maize Meal, Invicta Maize Rice, Invicta Samp. …read more    

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