Hello, is this the South African Police?" "Eish-Yes. What you want?" "I'm call…

Hello, is this the South African Police?”

“Eish-Yes. What you want?”

“I’m calling to report my neighbour, Hendrik van der Merwe! He is hiding dagga inside his firewood.”

“Eeeh-Yes…Thank you for your co-operasheen and informasheen in combating crime and violence, in our society suh”

The next day, the SAP descends on Hendrik’s house. They search the braai lapa where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they chop open every piece of wood, but find no dagga. They shout and swear at Hendrik and leave.

The phone rings at Hendrik’s house.

“Hey, Hendrik! Did the SAP come?”


“Did they chop your firewood for the braai tonight?”


“Happy birthday boet!” …read more    

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