Guys. Girls. I'm sorry. This page isn't nearly as active as it should be. I'm…

Guys. Girls. I’m sorry.
This page isn’t nearly as active as it should be. I’m one dude, with a love of pot. And subsequently that’s lead to a lot of time smoking and not posting.
I can make excuses till the cows come home (did I actually just say till the cows come home? … ) but I wont. My Bong Is My Child is back.

Look. I even put a sticky on my laptop to remind me.

And as a way of apology I will post one funny picture, every half an hour, for the next four hours. So pack those bowls, roll those blunts, and let’s go on a journey.

All I can do is thank all you beautiful people for sticking with us.
One. Damn. Love.

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