Good day,
I wasn’t sure who else to turn to for advice since local lawyers had no useful advice other than move. Let me give you a brief overview of the situation.

I have been suffering for over 10yrs with severe chronic pain and stomach conditions. I have been put on over 100 different medications during that time, most of them leaving me with more issues then when i started. Almost years ago I was blessed with twins. After they were born my conditions started to go from handled to unbearable. Several doctors, specialists and prescriptions later I decided to try and go as holistic as I could because the medical system wasn’t working with or for me any longer. I then found an OD and got my medical marijuana card which aloud me to get off of most medications and live an overall more comfortable and active life.

Around 2 months ago our neighbor snuck into my garage and found my 3 plants I had growing and instantly called the property manager. A week later the manager shows up with an eviction notice and says its do to the marijuana. I tell her about the card and she says well now i cant evict you but no one will be allowing you to renew your lease. Keep in mind, at this time I just got out of the hospital, husband was at work and deploys in 2 months. I then asked her about getting rid of my card and plants. Id rather be back on 15 different pills than have to make my family move right now. She said with her nose in the air, absolutely not.

Within the last month she has come by on numerous occasions without notice or real reason. My self and one of my children (my 11 yr old) is constantly worried on top of having to relocate before a major life change. After first being told they would not be renewing the lease we called the manager and said we would be out then before our lease is up due to deployment (legally breaking the lease). She replied, thats fine just try and give me a couple weeks notice if you can. We rushed to find a place and did. Paid a deposit on that place and called her august 20th and told her we would be out Oct st. We told her we would send her it in writing as soon as my husband got the letter from his command that he needed to be released from the lease early with a request to not be penilized for short notice.

Yesterday she stopped by again without notice and started walking towards the back when I stopped her. She handed me a paper and said she will be making us pay for the entire 28 days etc.

I have contacted a couple lawyers because I need legal advice. This doesnt seem fair or just. My family would not be suffering right now if I would have just stayed on pills. I am not a criminal. I am a loving wife and mother as well as an active member in my community. It seems that my right to pursue happiness and not be discriminated against has been trampled all over. My husband defends those rights with his life so I just want to be sure I am doing all I can do on this end. If not for myself and family but perhaps for the next family that may go through this. I need to remain anonymous for now because my husband and I are not sure of how this could effect his career.

Thank you,
Robin (OAHO) …read more    

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