Fight Fire with Fire ;) Valuable Tip for Farmers.

Fight Fire with Fire πŸ˜‰ Valuable Tip for Farmers.

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While the film makers of Santo Movie were researching for the film, they came across a little known fact that should be sweeping the internet and informing farmers across America and other countries facing territorial Monsanto.

Even though the Monsanto protection act is in place and even though Monsanto is known for its brutal attack of patent infringement, typically leading to expensive court battles for the farmer, there is light at the end of the tunnel that will affect Monsanto in ways unknown.

All the farmer has to do is identify cross contaminated GM crops on their natural and organic farms and make a formal written demand to Monsanto to come and remove those plants before Monsanto makes a claim of patent infringement.

“If Monsanto refuses, and demands the farmer to not touch those plants, under jurisdiction of patent rights, the farmer can exorcise it’s right to tell Monsanto their plants are on the farmers property and therefore trespasses”

If Monsanto refuses to collect its property, the farmer can have it removed and send Monsanto the bill for removal. If Monsanto refuses the bill, the farmer can take Monsanto to small claims court and will be granted the amount and avoid any gag clause Monsanto is famous for during negotiations with suits against people they fight.

While this may seem simple enough and it is, it is an example of how little farmers are in the know how to forearm themselves and beat Monsanto before they get dragged into a situation that typically causes great harm to the heritage the farmer has built.

This is a situation where knowledge truly is the power.

We applaud Santo team for its continued efforts in exposing the truth through its research and ask you to help support the film we know will bring great awareness to this devilish GMO landscape.

Please visit this page now and Join the team of artists making a difference for us all: …read more    

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