A Big Thank You to those who attended the Hearing today. This is the impression…

A Big Thank You to those who attended the Hearing today. This is the impression from C. Menteath, who attended the hearings today: “The Parliamentary Hearing on GMO was appalling & the Department of Environmental Affairs were conspicuous by their Absence, making it an Unconstitutional Hearing in fact. We need Lawyers to take this to the Constitutional Court asap. Total Gibberish from Biotech Agents & it seems even Government seem a bit worried about GMOs. Even DTI are concerned about the Crushing of the Growing Organic Industry & are expressing a desire to improve their Facilitation of the Organic Industry. The Danger of Cross Pollination was not even made. There was a False Claim from the Biotech Scientist about the Green Revolution being a “success” due to Biotechnology, we know it is based Purely on Petroleum Use, Organic Farming Industry have the Facts regarding the past 40 or 50 years of Green Revolution effects on our Staple Foods which involve the Breeding of Nutritionally empty produce swollen with water and fertilizers, where the entire focus is on Yield Alone. Cost of Labelling was discussed, who pays for trials etc. Mayibuye Landless Peoples Movement were Present, Farmworkers & Small Farmers from Lutzville affected by the GMO Maize trials there, ACB (African Centre for Biosafety), and entomologists (insect specialists), Consumer Rights Watch, Abalimi, Agrarian Revolutionary Congress (ARC), March Against Monsanto (MAM) and other Members of NO GMO South Africa Movement. We discussed a National Maize Campaign Afterwards. Thank you for your Interest Fellow Earthlings & South Africans. …read more    

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