There is no doubt in my mind, weed is the mother of all healing! Mentally and ph…

There is no doubt in my mind, weed is the mother of all healing! Mentally and physically!
♥ Ma Baker

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Hello yall! My precious son, Landon, was only 2.5 when he was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL (Leukemia). At the time of diagnosis he was given only a 10% chance of living through the first 24-48 hours of treatment as the Leukemia was growing at a very rapid rate. Chemo was the only option given to us to save his life. As we got started with the chemo treatments we began to research and learn the extremely dangerous and toxic side effects of what chemo does to the body. Chemo kills ALL cells in the body, not just the cancer cells. Watching your 2.5 year old son go from vibrant health to so weak and sick he could not walk or get out of bed was devastating. He lost 50% of his body weight, lost all muscle, puked for days at a time, had no appetite, was in constant pain, and was basically wasting away before our very eyes. All of his hair fell out, his eyes sunk into the back of his skull, all of his bones stuck out, he was hospitalized twice for infections due to the chemo killing his immune system, as well as him becoming dependent on the narcotic pain killers of morphine and oxy drugs. . We knew we had to do something so we started researching and through a series of events and people got connect with The Realm Of Caring, located in Colorado Springs. Seeking this Cannabis treatment required me and Landon to move to Colorado to be able to start seeing a doctor and obtain his red card to start treatment. The results were almost immediate once he started on the Charlottes Web oils. He finally began to sleep through the night, the nightmares and terrors went away, the pain vanished, he regained his appetite, he started eating, his energy started coming back, he was weaned of all narcotic pain medications, slowly but surely he started to regain all that chemo and cancer had robbed him of. I still find it amusing that Landon had a prescription for synthetic marijuana to increase his appetite, yet it was illegal for him to be given a prescription for the natural plant itself, that I had to relocate us entirely to be able to do this treatment. We ended chemo 9 months into the 4 year stint…The Realm of Caring and the high CBD oil that they have developed saved Landon’s life. It brought him health even in the midst of chemo, it brought him peace and healed his body. We have no regrets and we are so thankful that God led us to Joel and Amanda Stanley with the Realm of Caring!! PLEASE HELP US SHARE HIS STORY! …read more    

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