Dagga accused for Masunga suicide threats. The school head, Bana Letsholathebe…

Dagga accused for Masunga suicide threats.

The school head, Bana Letsholathebe told a workshop last week that “suspected dagga residue was discovered in some of the students' dormitories”. In addition, small packets stuffed with a greenish material were discovered in one of the Form V classes.”We concluded that some of our students were taking the prohibited drug hence we decided to hold this workshop,” she said. She added that the school wants to nip the dagga smoking habit and threats to commit suicide in the bud. She said it all started when the suicidal students wrote notes.

“But before taking their own lives, the school authorities managed to talk to them and arrest the situation,” she said on the sidelines of the workshop on Thursday.The seemingly devastated school head said the students give mystifying reasons when quizzed as to why they threatened to kill themselves. She said some start by blaming their parents for neglecting them. Later they change and say something else.Letsholathebe said they referred the suicide cases to the police who helped them to establish that the students must have been taking drugs.

Masunga Police Station assistant commander, Superintendent Boikhutso Kaisara said it is scientifically proven that one can think of taking his/her life after consuming dagga. “So it is imperative to teach our students to refrain totally from smoking dagga and other related drugs to avoid cases of suicide,” he advised. Kaisara said the police are working day and night to ensure that they find the source of the drug. “We need to find the source,” he said.Kaisara said the suppliers will pay dearly for polluting society.He pleaded with members of the public to help the police with information that could result in the arrest of the drug dealers.

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