“For more than two years, Moscow has demanded that any change of government in S…

“For more than two years, Moscow has demanded that any change of government in Syria must be carried out via a political process in which Assad must be part, and that no talks on Damascus' future can be predicated on Assad's exit from power…

“Expressing concern about statements suggesting NATO had the right to intervene after the chemical attack without securing the approval of the United Nations, Lavrov said the unapproved use of force would “sharply aggravate” the situation…”

— A complete bypass of the UN, which at this point is only a declared new option, would change the calculus considerably and create an incomprehensibly dangerous situation. A complete regional conflict would be likely and – even though Russia says it has no intention of getting involved – that position would assuredly be revisited if Iran responded militarily. Some months ago Iran announced that 4,000 Revolutionary Guards had been dispatched to Damascus. China has repeatedly and consistently declared that if Iran is attacked it will protect its investments there.

I remain unconvinced that this is an inevitability and – as I have done so many times before – I refuse to say that World War III has begun. Because it didn’t… and it hasn’t yet.

All that aside, if the attacks do take place it would appear that – given the totality of the world’s situation – The Powers That Were will have pushed the “Fuck It” button. In that case there will be little to discuss afterwards anyway. We move further and further away from where all seven billion of us need to be. — MCR

Russia warns against military intervention in Syria
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia warned Western powers on Monday against any military intervention in Syria, saying the use of force without a U.N. mandate would violate international law.Foreign Minister Sergei …read more    

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