A poem by Boonanah Maca :) and i'm so very grateful for japans glowing green sa…

A poem by Boonanah Maca ๐Ÿ™‚

and i'm so very grateful for japans glowing green salmon on my plate, and the genetically modified everything as of late. the shrimp ,the mud, the blackness of the brew, down south in that gulf oil brew.cheers to the black shores of mexicos gulf, or alaskans valdeze , the birds the shrimp,oysters and fish, sauteed in B.P.s ive got to try some of these.
watching the banking bankers bank and thinking i need to start to thank, the billionaires and trillionaires for starving out the poor , so we dont need a killing floor to combat populations more.
im feeling grateful for side affects of pharmaceuticals like pain and hollow brain or crusted over cuticles sitting in our cubicles

lets dance in celebration to the figgin fracked up fracking frack attack its more environmental devastation we lack

i give thanks to the water we buy to calcify my pineal eye and have my minerals leached. i like my meat bleached and unrecognizable, its totally understandable the sun be taxable and inaccessible unless you get adaptable to the demands of the abominable .
they should tax gravity, time,and being human for sure. after all consistency is pure.

be a minion ,join the team, its crazy and fun you see.shut the f*&k up, live the dream, watch t.v. pretend your free, take some pills to be alright,wash your brain the wools in sight.have it all the 12 car garage full of everything gathering dust like your life covered in crust. my testicles are shriveled i dont even care i lost all my hair , cuz i know im safe its what they tell me anyway it could change today.
living in fear keeps me awake, and fall asleep at work. i like to be where the C.I.A. can lurk with pomp and smirk as if they know something and they do.by tapping my internet and phone its true.
im grateful for the health care as well, so i dont die so suddenly in hell after they inject me with stupid and blind
im grateful for monsanto who grows all our food, now we dont have to get dirty eat healthy or find,
the bees dying off so tragic a thing .besides M's pockets are lined.

so happy the polar bears have no place to live today,for the ice upstairs is starting to give away.

thank you for politics dont you know i sure love a good puppet show.

thank you dear media a.k.a. satan ,lucifer, or wiz. for spreading the truth which is, that we all need to try harder to make them all rich so dont you dare bitch, that you're diggin that ditch , you gotta buy more stuff and hate your self more , watching the haves have to make you want and forget,that you already have everything you need.
theres no need to bleed, just warnings to heed .
do what your told, follow along, no free thinking allowed this only works if you're part of our crowd. …read more    

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