Here is an email that originated from Lead SA via a DC supporter. How do we tell…

Here is an email that originated from Lead SA via a DC supporter. How do we tell them that drugs are not all the same, dealers are not all the same and in all our years we've never known anyone performing sexual favours for a nugget or two.
We've got a long way to go to untangle dagga from 'drugs'.
We also feel sorry for the kids that are getting lied to on a daily basis by this kind of prohibition rhetoric. So sad, and as usual, it would seem the most dangerous thing about dagga is being caught.

So you think smoking dope makes you fly?

You might be grounded for life if you get caught….
Besides all the things that dagga does to you there is another angle to think about.
Often varsity students argue that smoking dagga is safer than drinking alcohol.

Maybe, maybe not but her are the downers students cannot argue with.
1. Alcohol is legal and you will not get a criminal record drinking it. Smoke dagga you get a criminal record.
2. Dagga is sold by the underworld, criminals who are dangerous. The small town dealer is connected to an area dealer who is connected to a serous mother who is dangerous. Very dangerous.
3. Drug peddlers do not only have one product, they into selling dagga to mainline drugs, porn.
4. Drug dealers deliberately give users credit forcing them to commit crimes to repay their debts.
5. Drug dealers force users to perform sexual favours fo r cash.
6. Drug dealers force users to act in porn movies to repay debts.
7. Drug dealers kill their users who cannot repay their debts sending out strong messages to defaulters.
8. If police catch you with dagga, you will get a criminal record and then try getting a visa to travel ever again. You will be stuck in Africa forever. Criminals do not get visas.
9. Criminals do not get jobs. Even with a fancy degree.
So next time you think no one is watching when you buying or smoking your next joint.
Ask yourself.
Will I ever be able to fly overseas again. No holidays or business trips ever again.
The cops are watching and this might just be the day you stop being cool and land locked in Africa for life.

So do you fly when you smoke dope. No you are the dope. …read more    

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