WO David Scott and WO Johan Celliers with sniffer dog, Natan, and the suspect co…

WO David Scott and WO Johan Celliers with sniffer dog, Natan, and the suspect covered in a blanket behind them.

Thanks to Natan, the drug sniffing dog, a 48-year-old woman was arrested by police and will appear at the Welkom Magistrate’s Court today after she was found with 83 plastic bags of dagga.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday after patrolling police saw her run inside of her house when they stopped the car in front of the house.

“Members of K9 unit were on their routine patrol duties when they went to a house in Chalale Street, Thabong. They saw a woman run inside the house when she saw the police vehicle stopping outside,” police spokesperson Sgt Mamello Mokhuoane said.

Mokhuoane said officers WO Johan Celliers and WO David Scott immediately went inside the house with their narcotics dog, Natan.

“They found the woman trying to hide something.

Then Natan sniffed out a compartment inside the kitchen cupboards.

“The police opened the cupboards and found nine bags with dagga, 83 plastic bags with dagga and 98 dagga cigarettes,” Mokhuoane said.

The police found dagga weighing 5267kg which they confiscated.

A case of possession of dagga was opened and more police investigations are under way.

Commander of the K9 Unit, Lt Rundle, thanked the police for a job well done.

“My appreciation goes to the two members who worked hard in ensuring that the perpetrator was brought to book.

“This will send out a clear message to criminals that crime does not pay,” he said.

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