The seductive attraction of drug testing in an age of reductionism, the fear of the other and the craving for certainty.

There is no scientific evidence base to support drug testing – it is a clear example of punitive populist informed policy based evidence. Many of the companies touting enforcement to try and ensure a drug free environment are run by ex- drug law enforcement officers.

Drug testing:

1. undermines harm reduction
2. is unreliable and costly
3. breaches human rights
4. wrongly targets presence not intoxication
5. wrongly targets use not misuse
6. encourages diversion to other non detectable legal highs
7. encourages diversion to more dangerous drugs that are expelled quicker
8. promotes a false certainty
9. is politically driven rather than evidenced based
10. continues an intolerant war on drugs

This is from a PowerPoint Presentation of a paper given by Julian Buchanan at the Crime & Justice Conference at Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand on 11th June 2013.

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