Cons of dagga

The cons of dagga are;
– It is could be emotionally or habitually addictive as much as facebook or mxit.
– People with a predisposed mental condition are at risk of psychosis but the percentage of the population affected by it is less than the people that die from peanut allergies.
There is a South African study that suggest dagga affects the mental development of an adolescent.
Marijuana & Intelligence,
New Research Questions Marijuana’s Impact in Lowering IQ,
Long-Term Marijuana Use Could Have Zero Effect on IQ

Biggest cons
– The law Jails otherwise law abiding citizens
– The prison sentences breaks up families
– The prohibition allows for the sale to children because its unregulated and in the hands of criminal syndicates.

Wouldn’t it be better to regulate for the adults who would like to choose cannabis over alcohol?

Dagga arrest by race. Chicago, US

Dagga arrest by race. Chicago, US

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