Open letter to Mark Wiley in response to remarks on Jeremy Veary’s t-shirt

Good day sir,

I have read your comments on this article on Die Burger’s website regarding the t-shirt given to Jeremy Veary by his sons on fathers day and I cannot agree with you. I believe that you are ignoring not only the health and wellbeing of all South African Rastafarians but also all cannabis users and patients alike who’s families are broken up by the stringent persecution and and who’s basic human rights are being violated on a daily basis.

Jeremy Veary

Jeremy Veary

Politicians who support prohibition knowingly support organized crime.
40% percent of Western Cape high school kids smoke cannabis!

Why are we driving people to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco but we jail otherwise law abiding citizens for a natural plant that is safer than sugar.

We slam drugs but fail to realize that a drug is anything that has an physiological effect when ingested which includes not only alcohol, tobacco and nutmeg but also GMO, Aspartame and even Growth Hormones used in animal feed.

If you are serious about eliminating the drug problem you will have to eliminate the war on drugs first.

Dagga has more uses than just the smoking.

I am a proud daggafarian, non tobacco and alcohol user. I am living a life of no regrets and I have not looked back ever since!

Please allow us to work together and create a positive change.

The true destructive force behind dagga does not come from the plant but from the prohibition and persecution by the law of a government corporation who’s objective is not human health but profit.

Medical dagga has been available to Americans for well over 15 years.

Please do some further research on the subject of cannabis. is a good place to start.

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