Additional responses from Medical Research Council

We have received additional responses on our previous e-mail to the Medical Research Council of South Africa

Medical Research Council of South Africa

Medical Research Council of South Africa

Hi Angie

Here is the article from 2003 that stated “The Medical Research
Council at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town plans to investigate this
(health benefit) aspect of cannabis soon. ”

Please put me in connection with the person who is in charge of this
investigation. There are over 16500 cannabis users on Facebook who are
interested to know what the investigation has delivered as there has
never been a word about this ever since!

Michael Hawthorne
Dagga Movement

Dear Mr Hawthorne

I understand that this link may be related to the study that you are referring to:

I have copied this email to Professor Dan Stein, who was part of the research team, to confirm.


Dear Prof (Angie) Mathee

Thank you for your note.

The initial article at seems to refer to research of the sort that is carried out by the MRC Indigenous Knowledge Unit, rather than by our own MRC Anxiety & Stress Unit. That said, I don’t know for certain what the journalist was referring to.

Our Unit has some interest in brain imaging after substance use, and you are correct that the sciencedirect link refers to some work that we have done in this regards. We are not, however, focused on marijuana research per se.

Best wishes,

Dan Stein
Director, MRC Unit on Anxiety & Stress Disorders

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