We use the herb and can't understand how everyone else is wanting it to stay banned, lack of support in number of people means that indirectly, so let's give an objective view of what the herb does, disadvantages being short term memory loss, inhibits learning abilities for academics which is 1 aspect of intelligence, the severity of which is still unknown as every individual is effected in a unique way, I love the way this community is sharing the many benefits of the herb but let's not over sell it to the point where people are just making shit up, the herb can be a drug if you let it be, but much easier to control the addiction psychologically compared to alcholism, tabacco and hardcore narcotics, if our legal system is supposed to be based in moral values and to the betterment of our citizens why do we not challenge it on those fronts? And expose this bullshit system for what it is, corrupt government officials with too much power, I personally don't believe the people in power are that incompetent to not recognise the basic truth of the immorality of putting people in jail for using a god given plant, whether it be for recreational use or otherwise.. There's some people in power that's collecting money from big corparations and drug dealers-the real criminals- letting their back pockets get deeper while the people suffer.. Time to take action, don't have to get violent but definately need to get more support and expose who these people are, get them out and put actual moral and competent people to take their place, if they threaten our lives, don't be naïve to think they won't, we have the right to defend ourselves… Most of the truimphs our country was found in courage of the people to do what is right, being a lazy stoner is not a good enough excuse, people today have no balls to step up until it directly affects them and then when the police come 4 you and throw you or your friends in the back of the van, you do what? Complain and moan like bitches, no offence ladies some men are bitches to, about the way the system is and never find the courage to do anything about it? There's no room 4 any excuses, 'the dagga couple' amongst others is providing us with a way to get it done… The 1st step is the easiest, which is the next time you blaze a blunt with your mates have this conversation with them. Peace

From Cameron Dane Rampono:

We use the herb and can’t understand how everyone else is wanting it to …read more

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