I AM Daggafarian!!!


I am not a burnout or a loser, I don’t shoot heroin, and I don’t own a crack pipe. I am a person who prefers dagga over alcohol. I am your friend, your relative, or someone you work with. I believe in scientific research, not propaganda and hysteria. I believe in the concept of no victim, no crime. I believe in tolerance, not a U.S. style drug war; I believe in harm reduction, not people destruction. dagga is not addictive, not a gateway drug, and no one has ever died from smoking it. It’s much less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco. The real harm to a person is caused by the laws against it. It’s time to legalize dagga and end the hypocrisy, It’s time to stop wasting taxpayer money and police resources. It’s time for the government to listen to public opinion. It’s time for all dagga smokers to speak out and proudly declare…

I AM Daggafarian!!!

2 thoughts on “I AM Daggafarian!!!

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