You will have to claim your rights in court

If police arrest you tell them that you do not consent but will comply with their instructions only to keep the peace but they must keep it on record that you do not give them consent to anything.

At time of pleading…

You go self represented.

Be firm and stand up for your rights but be peaceful but FIRM.

You can bring any accepted law to court. So you will bring God’s law.

The court must assist you in the procedure of the court. They will not give advice but they must explain the procedures.

You must basically then say

“I- as in context of Rastafari culture. (Translated to WE in English.)

As the beneficiary of the last will and testament of God I am allowed to anything as long as I do no harm to another.

There is no proof of contract between I and the corporate government of South Africa and that their criminal statutes do not have jurisdiction over me.

If you do not have proof of a legal binding contract between myself YOUR NAME of the FAMILYNAME family and the corporate government.

I would like to file motion to dismiss (You can basically walk out of the court at this time listen to what the judge replies.)

Then continue with the following

“I, the beneficiary & executor of the last will and testament of God would like to make it publicly known that the cost of violation / breach of any of my rights, especially related to cannabis, are subject to individual worth. However in light of the current situation regarding cannabis and the unlawful prohibition thereof I
will seek the maximum value possible in your monetary system.

Cost of liability per any violation of rights:
R (infinite / ∞) Individual Worth

[Minimum but not limited to R 100 Billion or 25 000 times the current cannabis market value.]

The South Africa Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act no 140 of 1992 is in breach of my rights to cultivate, posses and use cannabis.

Then hand them your birth certificate and tell them this is the legal person accused of your statutes and that you are not obligated to assume liability on behalf of this fraudulently contract created at the time of your birth.

So to conclude: I have not harmed or caused loss to another. I am a free man.

Thank you
I believe there isn’t any other matter, I will be on my way.

Have a great day.

Walk out of court a free man.

The sheriff’s might try to stop you but don’t let them touch you tell them that they are public servants and protector of the will of the beneficiary. Tell them I am the beneficiary in this court. I am the executor.

Remember when you are in court you have to assume that you are in charge of proceeding or else they will take lead against you.

If they lead the court they will always try and find you guilty even on unlawful statutes such as dagga prohibition!

NOTE: This has not been tried in court yet by any South African but they have to listen to the law you bring to court.

The constitution of South Africa states that the court may considered foreign law.

But God’s law is not even questionable.

Do not say anything other than what has been said in this article. The more you say the môre they will use it against you.

Let us know if this works for you!

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