This is a call to all police officers and all individuals in the security services and the army.

As Public Servants, or Peace Officers, remember firstly that you are all human beings part of the human family. Your Service is one of the most noble and selfless occupations in society, defending civil liberties and securing the safety of fellow citizens.

However there will be times when you as an Individual will have to uphold your Oath of Honor and consider which side to take when it comes to “Protecting and Serving”…

In Truth, The Constitution of South Africa was written by The People for The People, and so it shall remain independently of any political, social or economical changes or pressure.

In such times, you the Individual behind the Uniform, shall have the discernment to realize that the police department or the security forces can become subject to exploitation by the unlawful corporate governments to keep the people enslaved and keep limiting their human rights.

We Urge all those in the police and the army – please become PEACE officers of the people – not policy enforcement agents for corrupt government and the banksters that keep them in power.

The Decision is yours; either you will continue to be the instruments of oppression against your own people or it is time for you to join the human family against the tyranny of unlawful corporate governments.

The people of South Africa would like to let you know

When we establish a sustainable RBE community all police officers and all individuals in the security services and the army are more than welcome to an alternative job as PEACE officers of the people.

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