Don’t fear the police and consent to nothing.

Everybody is in a frenzy and don’t know what the fuck is going on.

Relax take a deep breath. Read through this and get stoned. This might be our only solution to prohibition. This might not be a sure fire solution but might just be the start.

I would rather fight for my rights than pay admission fine and have a criminal record.

Basic rights
The police cannot forcibly search you because you have a suspicious face or is to pink or because you look like a Rastafarian!

The only way to counter them is if they have not seen any dagga, seeds or smelled any dagga smoke.
Otherwise you are fucked for now. Do not consent or agree to anything keep quiet where you can.

If you are pulled over just say “I do not give you consent to search me without a warrant”. Same thing if you are in a car. “I do not give you consent to search my vehicle.”

Do not unlock or open the doors you may roll down your window slightly so that you can hear the officer if necessary.

Remember: It’s is their job to arrest you if they find you in possession of dagga.

Tell them that you don’t give consent to being arrested but you will comply with their instructions to get into the van but will not do so willingly or out of free will.

Do tell them that you will hold all parties and their employers liable for the violation of any of your rights at a billion Rands per right.

You’ve been arrested, jailed and is heading to court! What to do?

Don’t take a lawyer you will be self represented or unrepresented. Lawyers are mostly part of the system and they operate in favor of the judge.

It’s time to plead. DON’T!

Don’t plead anything.

Because you are not a lawyer and you represent yourself they are obligated to assist with the procedure of the court.

If they say they cannot offer legal advice tell them you are not asking for advice but to be explain the procedure of court.


I’d imagine if you are at this phase of the plan you have the biggest balls on the planet and probably about to walk out of court a free man. You will regret that giant joint you smoked outside waiting for court and it will feel like hours but most likely take 10 minutes.

START with “Excuse me public servant, I am the man that was arrested on this date at this place at that time when I  was peacefully minding my own personal business, I was not acting as an agent of government at the time of the incident. Your statutes do not have jurisdiction over me.”

“God’s law is the highest form of law”

“Under God’s law I have not caused harm or loss to another.”

“If you do not have a contract or evidence to prove I was acting as a agent of government (public servant) at the time of the  incident I would like to file motion to dismiss.”

“Requirements for a contract to be considered valid and binding in South Africa, the following requirements must be met:
There must be consensus between the contracting parties.
The parties must have the capacity to contract.
The necessary formalities must be observed.
The agreement must be legal.
The contractual obligations must be possible of performance.
The content of the agreement must be certain.”

Tell them that you will counter sue all parties liable for every right that has been violated at a hundred centillion Rands each.  Yes that is a hundred plus six hundred zeros.

If they ask you to identify yourself tell them again you are the man that was arrested on this date at this place at that time when I  was peacefully minding my own personal business.

They will get annoyed and might say something like I will issue a warrant of arrest for YOUR NAME if you do not identify yourself.

Then you can tell him I just told you that I was the man that was arrested for this incident so thank you for clarifying that I am not the man you were looking for.

Thank you again and have a good day.

South African Constitution
39 Interpretation of Bill of Rights

(1) When interpreting the Bill of Rights, a court, tribunal or forum-
(a) must promote the values that underlie an open and democratic society
based on human dignity, equality and freedom;
(b) must consider international law; and
(c) may consider foreign law.




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