Dean C Clifford Q & A regarding Law

A Statute, otherwise known as an Act of Government only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it.
Legal versus Lawful! What does that mean?
You may ask, are they not one, and the same?
If something is lawful, does it not follow that it is also legal?
The answer is most definitely NO!
There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for

1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc.)
3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

The only Law you need to follow in life is – ‘Do No Harm.’

Dean C. Clifford – “The more legal identification you have, believe me the more problems your going to have.

Jurisdiction is the problem not the definitions of the words.
How about i just figure out who I am and just stop caring about what they are!

It’s just you got to understand, who you are, then all the nonsense, the layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of deception they put on top of everything go-away at that point.”

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