Death attributed to dagga

The first and only report of a death attributed to dagga!

Dagga Movement has brand new recycled website.
Dagga Essential Aid To Health if you will.

Cannabis: Our basic human right
It is our basic human right to choose to ingest cannabis. It is not the place of government to decide what is and is not prohibited to ingest because it is a threat to the oil, cotton, alcohol and tobacco industries all this while government allows cancer causing GMO crops and add fluoride to our drinking water when it only has topical medicinal value and is in fact toxic if swallowed.

Did you miss out on the 1st 420 South African Celebration?
Where were you last Saturday!? If you did not find yourself amongst a friendly crowd, smoking, laughing and having a fun time you seriously missed out on the biggest festival the world has yet seen!


Celebrated around the world 420, 20th April, is the day dedicated to dagga smokers and the history of 4:20PM (16:20)

Johannesburg, Maboneng Precinct was the host to the 420 Dagga Day where the dagga culture of South Africa came together and celebrated their basic rights!!!

“Thanks go to all of you out there who braved the cold to make our D.Day 4.20 party a huge success. We’re stoked. We estimate 3500 people saw the event, but it’s really hard to tell. See you at the next DC blast sometime this winter” – The Dagga Couple

If you did miss this awesome event don’t worry it’s almost the 1st Saturday of May!!!

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