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Welcome all daggafarians. Feel free to add any relevant information pertaining to the dagga culture to the DaggaWiki.

DaggaWiki Notices

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Current Affairs

Increase in Daggafarian Arrests

28 January 2018

Due to an increased action from the South African Police against the dagga culture the Dagga Party have launched the SACCc2SAP to deliver a letter of communication to every police station in South Africa.

The Trial of the Plant resumes in 2018

1 January 2018

The Constitutional hearing regarding dagga rights will resume in the 2nd quarter of 2018 which is between 1 April and 30 June 2018.

Viva Afrikaans to consider daggafariër

10 November 2017

The Dagga Magazine has submitted the Afrikaans word for daggafarian to the Varsgebek initiative by Viva Afrikaans and they will consider the word for inclusion in the Afrikaans language at the end of November.

State's appeal is heard in the ConCourt

7 November 2017

The Constitutional Court has heard the appeal by the State against the Western Cape High Court judgement that legalised the private cultivation, possession and use of dagga. The court will come to a final decision by latest March 2018.

The Afrikaans Language Commission responds

30 October 2017‎

Sophia from Viva Afrikaans has confirmed that the committee will discuss the Afrikaans word Daggafariër at their next scheduled meeting in March 2018.

However she added that currently the members are not eager to include the word because it is not widely being used. They urged that despite the outcome of their decision of the committee they encourage us to use this new word and we shouldn't wait for their approval to do so.

The Afrikaans Language Commission to discuss Daggafarianisme

7 September 2017‎

The commission if the Afrikaans language will discuss adding the words Daggafariër, Daggafarianisme en Daggafari. to the Afrikaans language. [1] However nominations will only take place in 2018.[2]

Nominations to remove "Daggafarianisme" from the Afrikaans Wikipedia

27 August 2017‎

Currently nominations for the removal of the Daggafari entry are taking place on the Afrikaans Wikipedia: anyone can register and cast their vote to keep the article by simply adding * {{hou}} --~~~~ to the voting section on­me to preserve this entry. Preserve Dagga Culture

Currently there is 3 votes against the removal, 2 votes for and one neutral vote. If you do not act now and participate in this nomination there is a 50% chance the racist history of dagga in South Africa will be removed from the Afrikaans Wikipedia and propaganja and stigma would have won.


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DUSA Constitution

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