Constitution of the Dagga Union of South Africa

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WE, the workers & members of the Dagga Culture & Industry of South Africa, in order to promote our moral, social and economic well-being; protect and uphold our individual and collective rights, as well as foster harmonious and progressive labour management relations do hereby promulgate this CONSTITUTION of the Dagga Union of South Africa.


  1. This organization shall be known as the Dagga Union of South Africa, abbreviated: D.U.S.A, hereinafter referred to as the UNION.
  2. The Union shall be domiciled at Cape Town, South Africa


The UNION commits itself to the pursuit of the following objectives:

  1. To establish an organization that will represent all daggafarians and employees of the dagga industry in collective negotiation that benefit all members.
  2. To promote the moral, social, and economic well-being of all the members.
  3. To protect and uphold the individual and common rights of all the members.
  4. To foster harmonious and progressive labour-management relations.
  5. To strive for the adoption of legislation, policies and other measures that will promote the economic, social and general well-being of all the members.
  6. To promote the enlightenment of all the members in regard to their rights and obligations as union members and as employees, and all other matters that directly or indirectly affect the union.