Getting Started

1. Choose your nickname wisely and do not forget it. Click Connect.

2. Register your nickname with the following command. Replace password with your prefered password and valid email address. You type commands as if you were to send a message in the room.

/msg NickServ password email

3. Wait for the confirmation email and copy and paste the authentication command as bellow and send.

/msg NickServ AUTH authentication-number

4. Your nickname is now registered whenever you return use your orginal nickname and “login” by identifying yourself with the following command.

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

5. Once indentified type !help for more commands.

6. Register with the #Blazed by typing !register

7. Follow instructions provided by Pot-Bot 😀

Room Commands
Remember to put an exlamation mark (!) in front of commands

Management: checkuser, todo

User Commands: age, alias, autologin, birthday, gender, identify, location, logout, mynickis, setbirthday, setgender, setlocation, setpass, setsteamid, thisismynick

Channel Services: define, definelastlinkas, lastlink, seen, tell, totaltime, translate, whodefined

Statistics: firstsmoke, howhighami, howhighis, lastsmoke, myusage, strains, top10, top420, usage, weights

Smoke Commands: blunt, bong, bubbler, call, dry, joint, pipe, spliff, toothpick, vape, undo

General Commands: help, lastmsgcontaining, localproxies, roll, seriesinfo, urban

Radio Station: dj, djsilike, idontlikelisteningto, ilikelisteningto, listen,listeners, nowplaying, serverstats

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  2. Sarah Howarth

    Hi. We have an expo we would like you to consider exhibiting at. Please be so kind as to mail me the appropriate person’s contact details.
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