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I present to you South Africa’s first Dagga Culture magazine.

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Life is treating us well and the people here. We take it everyday at a time.

How did you meet?
Roxy -Through one friend of mine. A very good friend of mine. We are close, she is also transgender like me. He was coming out of jail for three years, that’s how I met him. Its been four years now.

Mervin, do you mind me asking what you were in jail for?
Mervin- For smoking ganja.
Roxy- For stupid things.

Three years for ganja?
Roxy- Especially when they know you are here, they want to spite you. Especially like they know you are living on the streets so you got nothing for them.

Is that a normal sentence three years for smoking weed?
Roxy- Yes, some people get more than three years. It all depends how many grams of dagga you have.

Oh did you have hash because hash comes with a harder sentence? Mervin- I had the good grade.
I see that makes sense, the good grade would get you more time.

Roxy, Do you mind taking about being transgender?
Roxy- Its not easy, but it is something that is special and unique. You know who you are and what you want in life. You are not going to let yourself be criticized by other people.

Maybe you know who you are but to someone who feels lost or confused as they don’t understand what they are going through?
Its always better when you talk to someone about it.


Neuroscience Researcher Needs Young Heavy Smoking Volunteers for Study:Umcwaningi Udinga Ababhemayo!

I’m an acoustical neuroscience researcher, I’m looking for adult volunteers who are heavy smokers or substance users (one of 2 substances: whoonga or cannabis), and also those who have quit smoking these substances and who have been clean for 6 months or longer (i.e. who have completed their rehabilitation program), to be tested as part of my research studies EXPLORING EFFECT OF SMOKING HEAVILY ON BRAIN FUNCTIONING. All subjects (i.e. volunteers for testing a research study) must be healthy, and will be paid a stipend (R50-R200) for their participation in this research for about 2-4 days per person (+-2hrs each day)! SMS must answer all the questions & include your true email address so I could email you a preliminary questionnaire/form to complete & sign and then return to me: SMS the info: (i) your date of birth=current age (Example: I was born on 15 Jan 1995=19yrs old now),  (ii) sex/gender,  (iii) highest educational attainment=total number of years of formal schooling, (iv) area where you live, and (v) full/true name of substance/drug you have been smoking for at least 3 years non-stop (i.e. substance you smoke heavily without any control to stop) or drug you have just been rehabilitated to stop using/addiction to, to 0715286665. ALL YOUR ANSWERS MUST BE TRUTHFUL! Your info will be kept confidential and will not be passed to any 3rd party, only the researcher will know your real name & surname.


Umcwaningi udinga abazovoluntiya ukuthi bahlolwe: abantu abasebasha (iminyaka yobudala kusukela ku-19 kuyaku 36) ababhemayo kakhulu, kanye nalabo asebenesikhathi esiyizinyanga eziyi-6 noma ngaphezulu kusukela beyekile ukubhema into efanayo (okusho ukuthi asebaluqeda uhlelo lokuhlumeleliswa futhi abangasabhemi lutho) ukuba bazothestwa njengengxenye yocwaningo OLUZAMA UKUTHOLA OKUDALEKA EBUCHOSHENI KUBANTU ABABHEMAYO KAKHULU. ***Qaphela: Kudingeka ababhema okukodwa noma kobubili kwalokhu = iwunga NOMA insangu (okwamanje). Abafisayo ukuthestwa akube abantu abaphile saka, bazokhokhelwa R50 kuyaku R200: ukuthestwa kuthatha 2-4 izinsuku umuntu emunye (+-2 amahora ngosuku)! Thumela i-SMS ufake nekheli le-email lakho. Le-SMS yakho ayiphendule yonke lemibuzo ukuze ngikuthumelele ifomu ozoyigcwalisa futhi uyisayine: (i) Usuku owazalwa ngalo=iminyaka yobudala, (ii) ubulili bakho, (iii)  ibanga eliphezulu lemfundo owafinyelela kulo=iyonke iminyaka owayihlala esikoleni ufunda, (iv) igama eliphelele lendawo ohlala kuyo, kanye (v) negama eliphelele lento oyibhemayo kakhulu noma osanda kuhlumeleliswa ukuthi uyeke ukuba yisigqila sokuyibhema. Thumela izimpendulo nge-SMS ku 0715286665. ZONKE IZIMPENDULO ZAKHO AZIBE YIQINISO LODWA! Imininingwane yakho izogcinwa iyimfihlo engasoze yadluliselwa komunye umuntu noma inhlangano, umcwaningi kuphela onelungelo lokwazi nokugcina igama nesibonga sakho sangempela.

This is a scientific research for university degree and scientific journal publication that never reveal real names of research subjects [ONLY THE RESEARCHER’s FULL NAMES & HIS or HER UNIVERSITY ADDRESS ARE MADE PUBLIC], who are ONLY INCLUDED UPON SIGNING INFORMED CONSENT AGREEMENT FORM (to be given later on your 1st day/interview day). Lokhu wucwaningo lwesayensi lweziqu zasenyuvesi kanye nokushicilelwa kwijonali yocwaningo lesayensi engalinge iveze amagama angempela abantu abathestiwe ocwaningweni [YIGAMA LOMCWANINGI kanye NEKHELI NENYUVESI YAKHE ANEKELWA IZWE], okuqalwa nokuthi basayine okubizwa nge-INFORMED CONSENT (ngosuku lokuqala/lwenhlolokhono). ***Advert kept on file=Isikhangiso silondoloziwe!

Contact Number: 0715286665

Cops or robbers {Jan 2013 – In Memory of Areff Haffejee}

It’s been over a year and the mystery surrounding the death of Areff Haffejee and a police officer is still a conspiracy theory.

Areff Haffejee

Areff Haffejee

Considering I like to read between the lines of all things posted. Who is to say the cop wasn’t driving the Audi.

If you missed it here is the article I am referring to.

I think the cop told the man that we can arrest you for the joint but let me take your car for a spin and we can be friends about this situation.

The owner said shot hey but you drive nice nice. After much debate on how cannabis should be legal they laughed about it.

The policeman got in the driver seat after he told his partner that he is just going for a joyride in this mans car follow me maybe we stop at the bank if not we can arrest the man where I stop. Just follow me.

So in the car they listen to music. Very relaxed. Until the policeman talks about some loose change.

Travelling at some speed. The owner realizes he is being robbed by our protectors. They start arguing maybe the owner tried to go for his gun.

The driver’s foot pressed down fully on the accelerator in the struggle.

He loses control of the Audi and hits the light pole without braking..

The follower sees the car is in a million pieces and he covers up for his friend/partner.

The purpose of this “fictional” story is to get you thinking and asking questions.

Condolences to families of the two deceased.



Who pays SANDF & SAPS for doing gardening, illegally burning waste & harassing otherwise law abiding citizens?

In January 2012 police cut down what was essentially a dagga forest in Soweto worth R4 million. Then illegally disposed of the dagga bio mass by burning it, presumably where it was cut & piled up.


“Residents watched from a distance as throngs of soldiers and police in more than 30 vehicles descended on Meadowlands hostel at 8.30am while a police helicopter hovered above.


Think about it for a moment. More than 31 government vehicles including a helicopter, a battalion of soldiers and police officers armed with assault rifles and tactical gear. Swooping down on harmless plants then unleashes an onslaught of terror until the last weed has yelp its crackling cry and billowing smoke in reminiscence of the Soweto uprising of 1976, condolences to the lives lost, however this is an equal violent act upon not only the daggafarians of Soweto but also the community’s access to medicine, an industrial sector and a wealth generator.  Consider the quality of service delivery by municipality if they could have the budget that funds an all out war on a harmless weed.


Imagine the waste of burning this bio mass needlessly without a purpose that is beneficial to the community in which it is illegally burned.

Who is paying the South African National Defense Force & South African Police Service for doing gardening, illegally burning bio-waste & harassing otherwise law abiding citizens? Never mind the tax on the carbon emissions of all the dagga that has to be incinerated annually or the otherwise law abiding citizens that needs to be housed and fed daily in a correctional facility?

Victims of rape, murder and victims of other real crimes are the ones who ultimately pay the price.