Dagga Magazine has gone viral

New start-up magazine raising funds to take pot to print.

The magazine has been going viral on social media in the last couple of days. The start-up project has managed to raise about R2000 of R80 000 in crowd funding, from 5 sponsors, in only two days .

The campaign offers rewards for every donation. Some of the perks on offer are various sized advertisements, in the publication, while others offer a copy of the magazine or a 12-month subscription.

Earlier the magazine posted job opportunities on their Facebook page, offering up to a R1000 for a single featured article. Referring to themselves as “daggafarian job-creators

The magazine does not stop there. Dagga Magazine plans on funding dagga legalisation.

Dagga Magazine pledge to donate R1 or more per copy sold, monthly, towards a trust to provide financial aid in legal support for all those who are being prosecuted under unjust dagga law. ” their Facebook post read.

The future of Dagga Magazine depends on every single daggafarian in South Africa. Act, Claim Your Culture” – Editor, Dagga Magazine

This one’s for the history books. The first dagga culture magazine in South Africa. Can you believe it?

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