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GMOs, synthetic lab-made ingredients, highly processed industrial food-like prod…

GMOs, synthetic lab-made ingredients, highly processed industrial food-like products & agrichemicals are responsible. One day, they will be added to the growing list of harmful industry products like DDT, Thalidomide & Asbestos…

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Since the introduction of GMOs, there has been a 265% increase in the rates of hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions.

Correlation is not causation, but it begs the question:

Are we allergic to food or what's been done to it? …read more    

Ladies – most commercial sanitary products are made with Monsanto's GMO herbicid…

Ladies – most commercial sanitary products are made with Monsanto’s GMO herbicide tolerant Roundup Ready Bt Cotton. On the other hand, water hyacinth is a highly destructive & invasive weed which chokes waterways & destroys ecosystems. Your choices impact a billion dollar industry. Choose wizely.

The Water Hyacinth Sanitary Pad Project
The Water Hyacinth Sanitary Pad Project uses an invasive species to develop a social enterprise that is owned and run by women’s cooperatives. …read more    

Meditation and Intuition in the Fourth Age of Deception (the Kali Yuga)

Meditation and Intuition in the Fourth Age of Deception (the Kali Yuga) By Ethan Indigo Smith, published on March 27, 2014 The oldest and perhaps greatest measurement of time is the Hindu understanding of the four Yugas. It is based on a four part cycle akin to the seasonal solstice-and-equinox nature of orbit here on Earth …read more    

The Bankruptcy of The United States

The Bankruptcy of The United States United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 Original source link on Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House: “Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of …read more    

Stoner stories #11 Midnight mischief. Fan sub So I was smoking on the side of…

Stoner stories #11
Midnight mischief.
Fan sub

So I was smoking on the side of the road one day behind a bush in the middle of know where with my brother,after 2 or 3 joints we were pretty lit. when all of sudden a car appears on the otherside of our bush, it sounded and looked like a cop car from where we were hidden; in a panic i started pullin up grass , dirt and all in an attempt to hide our stash from this cop. as im patting down the grass where my weed is buried my brother says “wait….thats not a cop” i said ” what!?” he then calmy looks at me and says ” no, its a mini van, and we’re in someones front yard”…… till this day, there is still a bag of weed somewhere in that persons front yard.
-ze scientist. …read more    

Striking a Balance ~ Relationships are about balance. It is that give and take,…

Striking a Balance ~

Relationships are about
balance. It is that give and
take, that exchange of energy
that allows relationships to
work. Each of us has needs
and desires, be it in a
friendship, a romance, or a
business partnership. We
expect the person to behave
in a certain way – to be
respectful, loving, kind, and
honest, and to honor our
needs and desires. But it is
with those expectations that
we are so often disappointed
or disenchanted. Our friend,
lover, or colleague has been
brought up with a different
compass, their own set of
values and beliefs, very
different from our own, and
sometimes not on the same
Over the years I have
watched many people do
things that in my mind were
just not ok, not acceptable,
and not even remotely on my
personal map. I have heard
the whispers and angry
words full of criticism and
judgment of those who have
done or said something that
was perhaps not honorable,
mature, or professional. But
the fact is, we are all human.
We are neither perfect nor
infallible. And when it comes
down to it, I think we all
really try to do the best we
can. But with so many
variables and so much
history and past experience,
we often fall short of
someone else’s mark. Maybe
we sometimes even fall short
of our own. I told a friend
recently who was feeling very
hurt and having an issue
with someone that,
“everyone does the best they
can but their best just may
not be right for you.” And I
think that is the five hundred
pound gorilla in the room so
to speak. What do you do
when it is clear that a
relationship or situation is
out of balance, is not
working, and is unhealthy for
you? The easy answer is to
disengage, or erect some
major boundaries. The real
answer is you must find a
healthy balance. A
relationship, any relationship
must have that equilibrium.
And it is up to you to either
find or create that stability,
or accept that it is just not
possible to achieve that
balance with a particular
person on your map. …read more    

Sometimes when you’re lonely, you need to be alone. Sometimes you need to be alo…

Sometimes when you’re
lonely, you need to be
alone. Sometimes you
need to be alone, not to
be lonely, but to enjoy a
little free time just being
yourself and finding your
way. In other words, the
moments you feel lonely
are the moments you
may most need to be by
yourself. This is one of
life’s cruelest ironies.
We need solitude,
because when we’re
alone we’re detached
from obligations, we
don’t need to put on a
show, and we can hear
our own thoughts and
feel what our intuition is
telling us. And the truth
is, throughout your life
there will be times when
the world gets real quiet
and the only thing left is
the beat of your own
heart. So you’d better
learn the sound of it,
otherwise you’ll never
understand what it’s
telling you. …read more    

Check out this page guys, they have an awesome plan!

Check out this page guys, they have an awesome plan!

Feed The Birds
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to a peaceful and lawful protest. We are Feed The Birds, and this is your revolution. Simply put, we have ALOT of seeds. We need to give them to as many people as possible as quickly and easily as possible, so please, read the rest of this carefully. We want every t… …read more    

Set price group discount stoner lucky boxes!…

Set price group discount stoner lucky boxes!

Dank Pack
Dank Pack is a refreshing new way to purchase all your smoking essentials and have it delivered to your door for a fraction of the cost. For years the only way to purchase your monthly smoking products was with a trip down to your local head shop. With Dank Pack all you need to do is sign up for a… …read more    

The Americans grew themselves out of poverty in the depression of the '30s using…

The Americans grew themselves out of poverty in the depression of the ’30s using hemp and we are still wanting to prove it is not dagga. Are we mad? – Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele

Rethink land use in SA, urges Ramphele

Cape Town – Rural areas are not being used properly, Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele said in Cape Town on Friday.

“I am very acutely aware of the neglect of rural areas of South Africa,” she told journalists at her provincial office.

“We need a massive rethinking of our agriculture, our land reform, and using agri-business to re-industrialise South Africa.”

She said the Eastern Cape had a huge amount of fertile land and could be used to grow soya, bamboo, hemp, and flax, like in Brazil.

“They grow a whole range of crops which we should be growing intensely in the Eastern Cape and stop this exodus of people from the Eastern Cape because there is nothing happening there economically.”

She said although hemp was easy to grow, local hemp farmers had been battling with government for the past 10 years because of strict regulations.

“The Americans grew themselves out of poverty in the depression of the ’30s using hemp and we are still wanting to prove it is not dagga. Are we mad?”

Ramphele spoke about her concerns with the way land reform was being executed. She said it worried her that emotions were being “whipped up” in the process of taking land from some and giving it to others.

“We’re taking it so lightly. We will live to regret our failure to recognise the danger of falsely promising people that they will be able to have access to the farm they are living on.”

She said no country, not even China with its meticulous authoritarian system, had succeeded in reforming land in this way.

“Sensible” experiments of shared ownership and relationships should be encouraged, such as the Solms-Delta wine estate in Franschhoek. This wine estate established a trust for its employees and gave them an equal equity stake in the winery.

Ramphele said people in townships should be given titles to their land so they could develop it. Established farmers should be paired with emerging farmers.

“Rural areas have been neglected over the past 20 years and there is no game plan from any of the parties to address that,” she said.

“We have a plan and we have put it forward.”

Rethink land use in SA, urges Ramphele – Politics | IOL News |
South Africa’s Premier Online News Source. Discover the world of IOL, News South Africa, Sport, Business, Financial, World News, Entertainment, Technology, Motoring, Travel, Property, Classifieds & more. …read more    

SA debates dagga legalisation Last year, the cost of arresting, processing and…

SA debates dagga legalisation

Last year, the cost of arresting, processing and convicting the 23 000 marijuana suspects came to R38-million while the value of the confiscated drugs was R12-million

Mario Oriani-Ambrosoni is often heard laying into the government from opposition benches in parliament.

But on January 19 this year, the Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament dispensed with his usually contrived animosity towards his “nemesis” to ask a bemused Jacob Zuma to champion an equally unusual cause – legalisation of marijuana.

“I’m speaking to you today somehow as a changed man, not to oppose, but to plead with you to provide the laws on behalf of many people in my condition who do not have a voice,” Oriani-Ambrosoni said when debating the president’s State of the nation speech.

“I was supposed to die many months ago and I am here because I had the courage of taking illegal treatments in Italy in the form of bicarbonate of soda and here in South Africa in the form of cannabis, marijuana or dagga,” he told a stunned house.

Oriani-Ambrosoni’s push for the centuries old ban on the pervasive use of the drug to be lifted has touched off conflicting reactions but more importantly has placed the topic back on the national agenda. Parliament is now debating a bill which seeks to decriminalise marijuana, cannabis or dagga as it is more commonly known around Southern Africa.

The Medical Innovation Bill aims to make provision for innovations in medical treatments by legalising the use of cannabis for medical, economic and industrial purposes.

While those caught with small amounts of the drug that continues to split public opinion down the middle are rarely prosecuted, cultivation and sell of marijuana have been illegal in South Africa since 1928.

The bill in its current form is cold comfort to people who use the drug for recreational purposes as government is planning to decriminalise possession mainly for medicinal purposes.

Across South Africa, the drug which was introduced to the country from Asia is used in religious ceremonies and as herbal medicine in some cultures.

The debate surrounding its use and whether it should be decriminalised, or even legalised, has been further fuelled by the drug’s legalisation in Uruguay and the US states of Colorado and Washington.

“We know that dagga is illegal in the country but because of poverty and hunger we trade it. We risk our freedom because of hunger and lack of jobs,” said Tefo Moloi a small cross-border drug dealer in QwaQwa on Monday this week.

“We purchase the dagga in Lesotho. Bringing the drug across into the country is not easy as we risk arrest and even being shot by law enforcement officers,” added Moloi.

Taxi driver, Sello Kopu, from Ficksburg who plies the QwaQwa route chipped in: “I think they should just legalise dagga as maintaining a ban on its use is virtually impossible. Everyday large quantities of the drug are smuggled across the border from Lesotho through unmanned points. It would require a massive deployment of police officers to effectively stop the traffickers.”

Kopu narrated how he once narrowly escaped arrest after police at a checkpoint found a bagful of dagga on his taxi which all his passengers disowned.

“It was impossible to identify the owner of the bag as we are not allowed to search passengers’ possessions when they board. We only make sure their bags are properly loaded on the buses. If we suspect something sinister we call the police,” he said.

Casual use of dagga is common among students, with some claiming it helps them cope with stress, especially around exam time.

University of Free State (UFS) Political Studies and Governance QwaQwa campus student, Lebohang Mofokeng, claimed in an interview on Tuesday this week the drug helps him focus when studying.

“I only smoke when I am under pressure and want to gain stamina to read for examinations. That has worked well for me so far but I am not addicted.”

But some of those who would be affected by any change in the law are not so sure about the supposed positive impact of dagga on society. Some like community worker and psychology graduate Sipho Mnyakene argue the drug is addictive, dangerous and ruins lives and families.

She cautioned against hasty changes to laws clamping down on uncontrolled use of dagga before widespread studies on how this will reshape societal norms and impact people’s health.

“I do not condone use of dagga. I have only seen its negative impact on those who smoke including loss of memory, people acting like they are seeing things or even going crazy. But if it is used for medicinal purposes I have no problem with that,” said Mnyakene on Wednesday this week.

The UFS graduate said dagga users are often irrational, irritable and prone to offending to feed their habit.

A QwaQwa based medical doctor backed Mnyakene in principle while throwing the gauntlet to supporters of decriminalisation.

“Every drug when it is not used appropriately can do more harm than good. So if there are some medical experts who can prove that dagga controls cancer that would be acceptable. However compliance with instructions must be adhered to because dagga is known for drugging people,” said Dr Simon Mokoena of Dikoena Surgery on Wednesday. In stark contrast, reformed dagga addict Lejone Pule vehemently opposes decriminalisation.

“I have done things that I regret. Dagga makes people callous and careless. In some instances, it induces a false sense of bravado which can be addictive and costly. ”

In this connection, the United Nations (UN) in 1961 passed the Single Convention of Narcotic Drugs Treaty, which banned drugs such as cannabis around the world.

The convention enjoins member states to adopt strict

Evogene's Mission is Global Control of the World's Seed Markets & Food, no matte…

Evogene’s Mission is Global Control of the World’s Seed Markets & Food, no matter how they dress it up in philanthropy. The way to food security is to nurture living soils, use water efficiently, & support local, organic farmers.
We collaborate with various companies worldwide to develop products and provide a complete solution for plant enhancement through combining state-of-the-art biotechnology and advanced breeding methods. …read more    

Stop the Monsanto Invasion.

Stop the Monsanto Invasion.

Timeline Photos
If your #tampons aren't #organic, they are probably #GMO cotton with pesticides and chemicals. No thanks Monsanto, pass. Organic only please! Share this with the women you love, reasons to switch or go eco-friendly with your cycle:

♀ 94% of US cotton is genetically modified, do you really want Monsanto in there?

♀ Pesticides such as Roundup are in conventional and GMO cotton which end up inside of your vagina.

♀ Most use chlorine BLEACH to whiten which can create toxic DIOXIN as a byproduct.

♀ If imported, is it Bt cotton with pesticides grown into every cell farmed by India's GMO Bt cotton farmers devastated by Monsanto, committing suicide at an average rate of 1 every 30 minutes? You don't know, feminine hygiene product ingredients have no ingredient labeling requirements.

♀ Most American conventional tampons are made from rayon, vicose, and cellulose wood fluff pulp and what American cotton is used, is 94% GMO.

♀ The average American woman uses up to 18,600 tampons in her life.

♀ Your skin is your largest and thinnest organ and it absorbs things directly into your blood stream.

♀ Pads aren't better in makeup. One researcher estimates each conventional pad contains the equivalent of approx. 4 plastic bags, do you want BPA on your most delicate skin?

♀ If you are not already using organic or natural feminine hygiene products, please switch to organic cotton in all of your bath products! Cotton balls, q-tips, start buying organic clothes only to the best of your ability, think about where the cotton is coming from.

♀ Here are some alternative organic and natural brands you can feel better about placing inside or near your one of your most precious body parts:
Seventh Generation Chlorine Free
Organic Cotton Tampons
Diva Cup*
Glad Rags Organic Pads
Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Tampons
Sea sponges!
UK: Moon Times Organic Cloths

*Diva Cup and Lunette have a lighter eco footprint than organic cotton and are reusable non-toxic cups that are placed within.

Read more and SIGN THE PETITION: …read more    

wouldn't it be nice if we could get Sacks Butchery to change their policy by sto…

wouldn’t it be nice if we could get Sacks Butchery to change their policy by stocking more grass fed meat from South Africa and to start stocking grass fed meat on a more commercial scale, see their response here:

Sacks Butchery
Hi, thank you for your query, We only have grass fed beef from time to time. This is beef coming from Botswana and Namibia (GM free). At present we do not have any in stock. Most of our beef is grain fed South African. We will be sure to let you know when we do have in stock, have a great weekend 󾰀 …read more    

Russia to create national payment system: Putin

Russia to create national payment system: Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country should create its own national payment settlement system to reduce its reliance on West amid heightened tensions over Crimea. Putin told lawmakers in televised remarks on Thursday that such systems worked in countries like Japan and China. “Initially, they started …read more    

Three sisters are getting ready to go out for the evening. 'What are you all up…

Three sisters are getting
ready to go out for the
evening. ‘What are you all
up to?’ their mum asks. The
first sister says ‘I’m meeting
Neil for a meal.’
The second sister adds: ‘I’m
meeting Lance. We’re going
for a dance.’
The third sister announces:
‘I’m meeting Chuck……….’
Her mother snaps: ‘You’re
staying at home miss.’ …read more    

Stoner story #11 DOUGHNUTS So one time I was smoking in wildwood but my **bro w…

Stoner story #11

So one time I was smoking in wildwood but my **bro wanted to buy a two filler one hitter instead of the Dutch I wanted so we go to the beach and we smoke. Suddenly two lights came at us and guess what I got worried so I dumped the bag and it blew away on the beach and guess what.. Pigs trying to bag us for flashing a lighter so I said well I smoke and I was flashing my light then the one hitter fell out and it looked like a cigarette so the cop said okay your clean pick up your cigarette. omg how I got away with that was a peach.
-Ze Scientist. …read more    

This is really badass new!

This is really badass new!

Anti-Drug Group Ends Fight Against Legal Marijuana
As marijuana legalization eventually spreads towards more states, don’t expect to see any ads against new laws featuring Ninja Turtles or fried eggs any time soon. Steve Pasierb, CEO of Partnership at, has no intentions of producing ads that go against marijuana legislation in C …read more    



Medical Marijuana a new beginning
I started this page to try and help get the word out about marijuana which is a plant the govt. has taught us to hate knowing for over 20 years it can actually treat so many diseases, it’s been even said to cure cancer. Because we do have the internet and Facebook we need to share this vital inform… …read more