Dagga is not a ingredient of nyaope {open letter to Dianne of the DA}

Hi Dianne

In reply to an article published titled DA still pushing to illegalise Nyaope

Dagga is not an essential ingredient for nyaope but is the tool used for the vaporization or rather incineration of the powdered medicines used in Nyaope. Low grade dagga is cheaper than tobacco thus it’s associated use.

Please note that I do not support nyaope in any manner but to criminalize nyaope would mean to criminalize a lot of TB, HIV and other crucial prescription medication.

I choose dagga over tobacco, alcohol & other drugs. I have read the true history of dagga prohibition and I cannot support any statute, group or organization that support discrimination and segregation.

If dagga has been criminalized to protect the public why is alcohol, tobacco, GMO and Aspartame legal?

Another question worth answering is: What right do you or any other person or entity have to deny me or anyone else a safe God given plant?

Do you know that Datura Inoxia commonly known as Moonflower is legal and unregulated and found across South Africa in gardens and has the toxicity to kill pets, children and adults which is also used recreationally according to online sources.

Please read these articles and call for dagga reform.




I am not a criminal,

Michael Hawthorne
Dagga Movement

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