A definition of the word daggafarian.

1. a person with a thorough knowledge on the subject of cannabis
2. a adult that uses cannabis responsibly, in any form, on a daily basis.
3. a responsible adult who chooses cannabis over alcohol and tobacco.


Who are you?
There are many groups that are generalized by mainstream news because they all share one thing in common cannabis/dagga and the use thereof. Rastafari (Rastafarian), Stoners, Druggies, Patients, Gangsters, etc…

As a cannabis user where do you fit in? What do you consider yourself to be?

I am personally not very religious and therefore cannot become Rastafarian but I do respect many of the the Rastafari aspects and views and I have started calling myself daggafarian or cannafarian.

I do not want people to be generalize with this new word I decided to use. It was never meant to disrespect Rastafari.

This word would have different meanings to everyone but if your life is based on cannabis and you understand the benefits of the wonderplant. Then you too are daggafarian, cannafarian or even hempfarian.

~ Mickey

2 thoughts on “Daggafarian

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  2. Sister Vee Nohombile

    We give thanks for your worx, and we will have merci on you for the use of this word, coz non of you are Rastaman and you do not know what you are saying by making up a word like this, but JAH is bless you so we bless you as well. ONe Love!


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